Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Fruits and vegetables are the new candy

Many of my students come to school without having eaten breakfast (and sometimes dinner). This is a need that I can help them with. I've been buying granola bars by the ton in order to combat their hunger. I have them in a cabinet where students can help themselves. I get the generic version of the Nature's Valley granola bars that you can get just about any where. It's kind of a pain because they're a bit expensive and they're tasty so I think students eat them when they just feel like eating rather than just when they're actually hungry. And I sometimes eat one at lunch though I bring plenty food to eat- just something to do while I do paperwork.

Yesterday, the only variety I had left were "Honey & Oat" - an unpopular flavor. One student who was having a really rough day told me he hadn't really eaten in the last 12 hours but he didn't like the granola bars. I told him the only other thing I had was an apple. He was psyched to eat an apple and devoured it. So I cracked that I'll just buy apples for everybody from now on. This was met with, "Yeah!" 's all around. Then another student said, "And celery. I love celery." Followed by, "Broccoli would be good too. But keep it in the fridge."

So today I'm going to buy a bunch of apples.


Anonymous said...

Can I just say, based only on this post and the sites you link to -- that you sound like a wonderful teacher?

Thanks for working with a population that many others avoid. And hey, who can help but love kids who request broccoli, celery, and apples?

Anonymous said...

That's the thing, kids with behavior issues often turn out to be the most interesting and fun kids in the school. Don't tell anyone but my job rules.