Wednesday, May 30, 2007

This is why I teach middle school

Tuesday: Math Major is telling Who Me? all of the Spanish he knows. He then gets very quiet so I won't be able to hear what comes next- except, of course, I can. He says to Who Me?, "And puta." Who Me? asks him what it means. Math Major replys, "Either the 'B' word or queer."

Note for our non-Spanish reader: Puta means prostitute.

Wednesday: KO is doing his math homework while repeating to himself in a sing-sing voice, "Poopy, poopy, poopy, poopy, poopy...." in an attempt to drive everyone crazy. He succeeds at this so I ask him to stop. A couple of minutes later, still working on his math, he starts to say to himself, "buttocks, buttocks, buttocks, buttocks...."

Monday, May 07, 2007

Role call: additions and subtractions

    Math Major
    Let's Ride Bikes
    Head Ache
+  Miss Popularity
       7 - starting point

+   Who me? (new eligibility as ED, added to my caseload)
+   Slick Rick (Returned from longterm suspension)
+   TS (moved into district)

-    Slick Rick (placed at day treatment center following repeated suspensions)
-    TS (non-attendance following being kicked out of Dad's house)    
+   TS (re-enrolled)
-    TS (moved)
+   TS (re-enrolled)
-    TS (dropped out/moved/refused to attend)

+ RB (moved in from different district)
+ School much? (Moved in from different district)
+ Mike Tyson (transferred from different school following total of 14 days of suspension)
+ WW (moved in with Dad following running away from bio-mom in different state)

-   Who me? (moved in with Dad in different district)
-   Head Ache (moved to different district - mom lost Section 8 housing)
     10 - ending point?

(Possible additions: Jehovah &  Smiles, transferred to my caseload following new eligibilities)