Monday, June 04, 2007

Soccer Round Up

We interrupt this blog for a summary of my indoor soccer career to date:

Games played: Approximately 25

Injuries: torn left quad, torn right quad, sprained right ankle, sprained right knee, broken right index finger, pulled right and left hamstrings

Injuries found debilitating: Both quad tears for a total of 6 games missed

Gear purchased: red jersey (from Goodwill), blue shorts (from Goodwill), turf sneakers (from Sports Authority), soccer socks (from GI Joe's), shin guards (from GI Joe's), 3 Ace bandages (from Fred Meyer), two leg braces (from GI Joe's), ankle brace (from Rite Aid)

Goals scored: 3

Goals intentionally scored: 1

Goals let in playing goalie: Upwards of 12

Conclusion: I am not 18 any more