Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Other Promotion

The school year begins for students next week but teachers started today. However, though I am still technically a teacher, I started a new job today as district behavior consultant. It's kind of a promotion but without the pay raise or prestige.
My job is to work with teachers who have the most difficult students in the district. It's a bit strange because I've never worked in an office before and now, here I am, at my desk with one of those office-y phones and pictures of my family in the corner. Weird. Hopefully I'll have an opportunity to impact the lives of the most needy students and have a broader affect overall by improving teacher practices. We'll see. I'll also be in a lot of meetings, drive around the district a lot and spend a lot of time in front of this computer. Oh well.
The office is OK so far. Coffee is always brewing (though it's kind of crappy) and there's ice cream in the freezer. And a chocolate drawer. Not bad. More soon when I get away from the desk and into the real world.