Thursday, June 12, 2008


Three of my four students attended the promotion ceremony from 8th grade to the high school yesterday. I had to pick up Trains! myself because his mother was working and couldn't bring him - at least that's what she told him. When I arrived at his house his mom was there and had "just gotten home". I said, "Great. So you're going to be able to take him." She said, "Well, I just stepped in the door." Me: "We've got time. It's his 8th grade graduation." Her: "Umm...I don't think I can make it." Me: "Really? It's a really big deal that he's in the ceremony." Her: "Yeah. I just stepped in." Me: Staring at her for a moment then turning to Trains! "Ready to go?" In the car Trains! told me his mom had been home for an hour.

This is a mother that I had never met before in person and would never answer my phone calls or return them. In two years I spoke to her maybe 3 times. She never came to the school and it was like pulling teeth to get her to return forms with her signature. And Trains! is so great and has made so much progress these two years. (I would never have thought he would qualify for the promotion ceremony last year and this year it was a no-brainer.) The weird thing is that Trains! doesn't seem to think it's all that weird. I would like to hurt her and he's talking about the camping trip they're going on later this summer. Ack.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Near end round up

Apologies for the long layoff. To get those who are interested up to date:
1) Got a new student, we'll call him Mario because he loves all thing Mario (the Nintendo game character). He went after a kid at his old school with scissors and when blocked by the assistant principal, he went for him. He missed. The IEP meeting that occurred before he transferred here included 16 people (2 parents, 2 lawyers, assistant principal, school psych, speech pathologist, behavior consultant, autism specialist, case manager, general ed teacher, counselor, occupational therapist, district program manager, me)- usually you have 4-6-ish. He had one blow out so far but as I write this he's on a field trip. Let's hope it goes well.
2) Got word that the magician is moving away. Too bad. We were making some progress.
3) All of my 8th graders are going to graduate and be allowed to attend the promotion ceremony.
4) Found out I have 3-5 new 6th graders for next year. One of whom has a mom who tried to drown him when he was 2. He's living with her again. I had his sister last year.
5) Got offered a position as district behavior consultant. Not sure if I want to leave the classroom yet. We'll see.

More updates about the end of the school year and Mario to come.