Monday, May 16, 2005


This feeling has been creeping up on me. It has come up so gradually that I didn't really even notice it until this past week. Now I feel completely mired in it. It's strange to have this happen because I feel like I'm in pretty good touch with my emotions. I guess I always feel like that and then I realize I have no idea. Anyway, I've been overwhelmed with optimism lately and it's been absolutely beautiful. I feel like I've become a really sound teacher. I feel like I'm becoming a strong musician. It seems as though I'm becoming a better friend, son & brother...and all because the weather is nice. Honestly, it just seems like I can become the person I've always wanted to be. All winter I felt like I was struggling and struggling to keep my head above water, to remain happy about who I've become. Now that we're a few weeks into nice weather I can hardly remember what all the struggle was about. This happens every year and I never catch it until after it's already happened. Now I just want to sustain this feeling forever. If I could always feel this good about myself who knows how happy I could be?

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