Thursday, September 07, 2006

Special Paperwork

So I had to change a kid's transportation from the mini-bus to the regular bus today because his very upset mother called me at school today to request this. He was riding the mini-bus to another school last year because it wasn't his districted school so the regular bus didn't go there. This year he goes to his districted school, with his brother, so the regular bus works for him. The busses all arrive and leave at the same time from the same spot at the school. So theoretically he would just follow his brother to his new bus without an issue. Easy enough, right?
Below is what I had to do to officially change his transportation placement:
- speak to the vice principal that manages this kid's team to find out how to make this happen
- speak to my special ed mentor in order to figure out the official process for doing this
- fill-out a special ed action prior notice form, send the one to the district office, one to his parents and add one to his permanent file
- fill out a request for transportation form, send one to the district office and add the other to his permanent file
- rewrite the first page of his IEP to reflect this change and send one copy of this home and add another copy to his permanent file
- call the district office twice to get advice on how to do this properly.

This was, literally, hours of work. I didn't see a single student in their general education classes today. Not a good day for "servicing" students.

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nat99geo said...

Hey B, love the blog!
Paperwork to that extent rots. How is it going otherwise?
Great comment about the growing fields.
Love, Mom K