Thursday, October 18, 2007

The End of the World (this week)

Let's Ride Bikes was bummed today. He's not allowed to see his only friend for a while because they were hitting each other. I guess the story is that one of them stayed over the other one's house and the parent didn't like what she saw. So the parents on both sides decided they should take a break from each other. Of course, for these two, it seems like the end of the world. Let's Ride Bikes said to me, "If I don't have any friends, what's the point of coming to school?" True, true.
I set up a meeting with their guidance counselor so that they can talk about how to be friends without getting in trouble- which is going to be really difficult for Let's Ride Bikes. This is something that he, and several of my students, struggle with. Most of us pick up how to get along with folks from social cues but these guys need direct instruction and practice with role playing in order to understand what they should do to make and keep friends.
A tiny ray of sunshine seeped in when I told Let's Ride Bikes about the meeting with his guidance counselor and friend. But for now, he's a very sad boy.

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