Friday, March 14, 2008

This is progress

Headache was told he wasn't allowed to use the computer in my room because, according to The Wrestler (my assistant), Headache "took the afternoon off" in his classes by not doing any work. He got frustrated and tore up his half-completed math packet. He was then told he had to leave the room and go to the detention room for the period. What would have happened last year and even a few months ago is he would have put his head down in the detention room and pretended to be sick the next day to stay home. Instead, just 15 minutes later, he requested a new packet, got right to work and had the whole thing done before the end of the day. The next morning he tried to explain why he overreacted and then proceeded to have a really good day.

Other signs of progress: The Magician hasn't been suspended in a month. Fake Gangsta is 100% caught up in his school work.

Sign of regression: 43% has been absent 3 days this week.

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