Tuesday, September 02, 2008


In my new job I go to a lot of meetings. As a teacher, you don't have time for meetings because you're with students all day. Now though, I go to 3-5 meetings daily. Fun times.
One of today's meetings was about a student who attacks his teacher from time to time. It seems as though he gets really angry when he's got to give up an object he has fixated on. If you take it from him- watch out. You can see how his teacher would feel pretty done with him. However, it seems that with some more training (on the part of the teacher) we can keep this kid in a regular school. I imagine this school year will entail a lot of meetings at which I hear about some intense behaviors and then try to figure out how to keep the student in school.
Also, you get to observe other folks pretty carefully when you're the outsider because you spend most the time listening. The parent in this meeting was really nice and wanted to work with the teacher but she was also tense and had a slight undercurrent of wanting it her way. The teacher was definitely feeling put upon and resigned but came around some toward the end. It's was interesting to watch them dance around each other a little as they tried to figure out what each one was going to give and how to avoid blaming and being blamed.
Eight more meetings scheduled for the rest of this week.

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