Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Other Shoe Drops

This past Monday I had to give two presentations in front of about half of the special education teachers, speech language pathologists, school psychs, and related service providers in my district. One was on what we're screwing up as a district in terms of discipline and one was on fading adult assistance so students become more independent.
My presentation was 2nd following the boss's overview of the year to come. As I was setting up beforehand I noticed that the heal of my right shoe was coming loose. I really hoped it would last the day. It last about 20 more minutes. So the boss introduces me and I walk up with one intact shoe and one without a heal- which you couldn't really notice unless you looked. Though the supporting strip of metal clicked when I walked like I was wearing tap shoes. Bummer.
During their lunch time the participants were supposed to read an article to set them up for my 2nd presentation immediately following lunch. I passed out the article and pretty soon I heard from them that it only contained every other page. I had copied it wrong. Well, lunch, which was provided, hadn't arrived anyway so someone else did their presentation and I ran out to make copies. I stopped at Target and bought a $14 pair of shoes. They were the only ones made of all "man made materials" (I don't wear leather). Then I drove back to the office (only 3 miles away) to make copies. At copy #30 of 40, the copy machine died. One of the secretaries was able to fix it so I could squeeze 10 more copies out of it and then I raced back to the site.
Fortunately, lunch was very late so they still had time to read the article. Midway through the article I realize I hadn't copied another form (with a scenario and work space) they were going to use for an activity at the end of my presentation. I had to read the scenario to them and ask them to write up their ideas on the back of a piece of paper. Good one, me.
In general it wasn't as bad as it sounds. The presentations went well anyway and no one noticed the shoe. I have to give the same two presentations this coming Monday. I plan on making sure the soles of my shoes are on tight ahead of time.

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